We hold a public auction once a year with mainly Ukiyo-e prints, which came to be known to the world since the latter 19th century, including various genres of modern and contemporary prints from the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa era.
The pre-auction viewings for inspecting all lots are open to the public for two days, and visitors may freely examine them. Please do not hesitate to ask our ground staffs to remove prints from the frames and folders.

In addition, prior registration is requested at the auction. Prospective buyers should ask the details to the listed Ukiyo-e Dealers Association members before the registration.(click here

Index of Works in the Auction

  1. Ukiyo-e prints
  2. Ukiyo-e paintings
  3. Woodblock illustrated books
  4. Classic maps, Sugoroku, etc.
  5. Shin Hanga
  6. Sosaku Hanga
  7. Contemporary Hanga
  8. Sketches of print artist, oil painting, watercolors
  9. Oil painting, watercolor, paintings from late Edo,
    .....Meiji, Taisho,and Showa era.